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Pixualise doesn't just provide our clients with a website or a logo, it provides them with a solution and helps them realise their identity.

The Pixualise Way


Here at Pixualise I strive to deliver honesty, quality and creativity, this can only be achieved through a strong core set of principles.

Enthusiastic learning

Never stop learning, it is truely impossible to know everything. You should always welcome education, pursue your passions and ask better questions

Simplicity is key

It is all to easy to unravel a mess, but more often than not, there is a more simple and effective way to pursue a task. Keep your mind open to the possibility

Ask better questions

The answer somebody gives is aligned to the question asked, if the answer received fails to provide a solution, then a better question should be asked


Meet Oliver

I am a creative professional based in Northampton, UK. I am passionate about design, coding, and doctor who! I enjoy working with great people and companies to provide them with their perfect solution.

  • Oliver Stretton

    I have a strong background in HTML, JQuery, C# MVC, Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator but I continually try to develop my skill set, with the belief it will simplfy and optimise the client's journey


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